|About Chautauqua Blind Association

About Chautauqua Blind Association

We are now CBA Vision Rehabilitation Services

CBA was established in 1921 under the name Southwestern Tier Association for the Blind, Inc. In 1983 the name was changed to Chautauqua Blind Association. In 2013 we became known as CBA Vision Rehabilitation Services to better describe the programs and services available to the community.


CBA is the only agency in Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Counties providing Vision Rehabilitation Instruction and Orientation and Mobility Instruction to blind and legally blind residents.


CBA has three staff members who are Vision Rehabilitation Therapists


Two of those are Orientation & Mobility Specialists


And, all three provide Social Casework to help legally blind people cope with their vision loss.


We currently have 876 people on our client list (in 1984 we had 325).


Approximately 75% of our clients are 60 or older

Lisa Goodell2
Lisa Goodell, MPA
Executive Director
Sally Barrile2
Sally Minchener Barrile
Client Services Director, Orientation & Mobility Specialist, Vision Rehabilitation Therapist
Lorraine Steen2
Lorraine Steen
Vision Rehabilitation Therapist
Debbie Liddell2
Debbie Liddell, VRT, OMS, COTA
Orientation & Mobility Specialist, Vision Rehabilitation Therapist
Priscilla Shoup2
Priscilla Shoup
Administrative Assistant, Blindness Prevention Coordinator