|Age-Related Vision Disorders

Age-Related Vision Disorders

Growing Older with Good Vision

Today’s seniors are in better health than ever before and good health allows them to stay active and live independently.  Age-Related Vision Disorders effects allot of people when they grow older. Having good vision is a vital part of good health. However, vision changes naturally throughout life. For example, with age:

  • Your eyes need more light to see
  • It becomes harder to tell the difference between some colors, particularly shades of blue and green
  • It becomes more difficult to focus on things that are near
  • Adjusting to glare and darkness can become more troublesome


Learning more about vision changes       

Knowing more about how vision changes as you grow older and how to detect, treat and safeguard your sight can help you deal with any problems you may experience. Talk to your doctor about Age-Related Vision Disorders that affect your eyes and your vision. Read brochures that are available from your eye doctor, library or hospital or the Chautauqua Blind Association to learn more about your eyes and aging.


Regular Eye Exams

If your vision exam is overdue or if you have never been to an eye doctor, schedule a visit and then follow your doctor’s advice about how often you should have your eyes checked.  Prevention and treatment of eye disease is the best action you can take for lifelong healthy vision.