|Preschool Vision Screening

Preschool Vision Screening


We know that approximately 80 percent of what young children learn in their early school years is visual; if they have a visual disability they automatically start their school career at a disadvantage. The vision screening program at CBA is a free program provided in collaboration with volunteers from several local Lions Clubs.  The goal of the program is early identification of children with amblyopia or what is commonly known as “lazy eye”. If done in time, treatment can save the child’s sight. If left untreated, this condition can result in serious eye-sight problems up to and including blindness.


CBA Vision Rehabilitation Services conducts vision screenings for preschool aged children with the goal of identifying vision problems for referral to an eye specialist for treatment. It is estimated that 80% of early learning takes place through sight. Early vision screening before a child learns to read and write, along with eye safety educational information is a great beginning to a lifetime of healthy vision.  The goal is to detect and treat eye conditions early. Talk to your eye care specialist or pediatrician for more information and follow their recommendations for your child.For more information call 716-664-6660